After 狼少女といっしょ 発売後の出来事編


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    • myuRanRan より:


  2. マックス・ビート より:


    因みに2位のDLの差は何と603の差です 凄い!!

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  3. FrenchFreeeed より:

    Congratulations again Seismic!

    The day and week-end of the release was like a dream. I’ve been waiting for your game for a pretty long time and it was even better than I expected.

    The game is amazing, Liru is amazing. I hope that can motivate some artists to make products around Liru and magipoka too.

    Your game has been downloaded more than 11000 times on DLsite and it doesn’t stop increasing. And that’s the same on english DLsite and DMM. This is well deserved, I wish you the best for the futur. Thank you.

    • myuRanRan より:

      Thank you freeeed-san.long way long ride.I feel like at the end of the festival. This time was a variety of challenges. Among them, English subtitles corresponding there has been a most valuable. My sincerity was able to prove to be greater than or words and the countries of the wall. I proud of this achievement.

  4. Anonymous より:

    Hi there. I like your Work. And your Moray Eels are Fantastic too.

    Now, i have a Few Questions from the SFM Community, considering the Models and such.

    One of the Users on SFMLab, TheLeadPool made a Discussion about the Liru (Renkin 3-kyū Magical? Pokān) Model.

    For me, it’s far beyond Liru, it concerns of Mami Tomoe (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and Usada Hikaru (Di Gi Charat) too.

    So, my Question for the Community is:
    Can you, if possible, Release your Models from USA Ecchi, Sweet Mami and Wolf Girl with you for 3DS Max so people can use them and maybe Port them to MMD and SFM and Release to SFMLab (If they have Permission)?

    Also, do you have Deviantart? I found an account that says “myuRanRan” and the Profile Picture is a Teddy Bear. Is it really you?

    Thanks, in advance

    • myuRanRan より:

      Thnak you. But I cant provide my 3d models. sorry.

      • Anonymous より:

        It’s Alright. No Big Deal. Even if there aren’t Models Provided, it’s Okay. What matters is the 3D Flashes you Provide us. ^_^

        • myuRanRan より:

          ⁽ ´ᵕ`⁾

          • Sex-Ed より:

            However, if you DO want to Provide your Models in the Future, You could select Application Menu → Export from the main menu bar. Then, you could Select .3DS or .FBX in the Save as Type field, name the file and browse to the location where you want to save the file. There’s also an option to Export the Light. After that, you click OK. I hope it helps.

          • myuRanRan より:

            ⁽ ´-`⁾=3

          • Sex-Ed より:

            I must’ve Spoke too Soon. Sorry Seismic.

          • myuRanRan より:

            ⁽ ´ᵕ`⁾

      • Sexplorer より:

        Oh. So that might be what the “Prerendered images/movies, not model data in the released materials.” and “Not an engine, uses SWF files. Not ‘game data’ stored in.” Comments meant.
        Is That Correct?


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