Only touch the girl ! Simple & Kawaii !

Just a Girl touch

Clothes can be taken off when touch the jumping girl "mizuha chan" !

Just a Girl touch vol.1.3
Price : $2.57 / €1.94
210 JPY
Price : Free !


How to Play ?

Start the application .
Touch the girl !
Goooood !!
Clothes are restored at two seconds.
Please touch again !


Full-version's Future !

Circle keep time change !

Just a Girl touch vol.1

The duration of circle can be changed for five seconds from one second.

And, it can be set that circle doesn't disappear.

Just a Girl touch limited

Clothes are restored at two seconds.


Circle size change !


more kawaii image !

Mizuha-chan becomes naked the probability of 25%.!!



Play Movie


Other future

Push the volume button while playing....Something happens


Wallpaper !

960 x 854
Xperia X10, Droid X
960 x 800
Desire, Desire HD
Evo 4G, Galaxy S
960 x 480
640 x 480
HTC Magic, HT-03A


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